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Michael Rath Tenor Trombone Large Shank Mouthpiece

Michael Rath
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Product Description


  • L4 Cup: 26.0mm Throat: 7.2mm
  • L4 1/2 Cup: 25.8mm Throat: 7.1mm
  • L5 B.B Cup: 25.5mm Throat: 7.0mm

Designed with Brett Baker. Shallower cup than the L5 and also a slightly flatter rim. Ideal mouthpiece if you’re a principal player or soloist.

  • L5A.H Cup: 25.5mm Throat: 7.2mm

Designed with Andy Hunter and is the large shank version of the S5 A.H. “Michael Rath makes not only great trombones, custom tailored to match your goals and needs as a musician; he’s also been developing a line of mouthpieces along with the testing and input of some of the world’s top trombonists that match the quality of his instruments on a plug-and-play level. I’m really happy to introduce the RATH S5 A.H., Andy Hunter model mouthpiece; my new standard for all musical situations.”

  • L4 B.B Cup: 26.0mm Throat: 7.1mm

Designed with Brett Baker. Shallower cup than the L4 and also a slightly flatter rim. Many players find this model to be very similar to the classic Mount Vernon 4G.

  • L5 Cup: 25.5mm Throat: 7.0mm
  • L5 M.D. Cup: 25.5mm Throat: 7.1mm

Designed with Michael Dease. More open throat and deeper cup than the L5. This is ideal if you’re looking for a fuller sound with a more open response, but with a 5 sized rim. Very open feel across all ranges.

  • L6 1/2 Cup: 25.1 mm Throat: 6.4mm