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Rath R10 Small Bore (.500") Tenor Trombone

John Packer
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Product Description

Please call for custom pricing:

Made in England, with craftsmanship and design, Rath trombones offer incredible sound and playability. The R10, small bore trombone (.500") is an ideal instrument for jazz and commercial playing. Choose your options and create a trombone that possess clarity, brilliance and flexibility while also having a rich tone throughout all registers. Michael Rath tenor trombones provide the perfect solution. 

Images are of custom trombones

The R10 Model comes standard with:

  • 7 1/2" Yellow Brass Bell, standard weight
  • Yellow Brass Main Tuning Slide
  • .500" bore
  • Yellow Brass Gooseneck
  • Nickel silver Handslide
  • 10 Brass Leadpipe (small shank)
  • Rath Case

You may customize your horn by choosing:

  • Nickel Silver Bell Flare
  • lightweight bell
  • change your bell flare size
  • choose to have a screw rim bell flare
  • different main tuning slide materials
  • add on a F-attachment with Voigt rotor valve section
  • choose the finish you like best

 Finish Options (select one above when checking out)

  • Clear Lacquer Finish


  • Brushed #1 = Fully brushed


  • Brushed #2 = All brass brushed, all nickel silver polished


  • Brushed #3 = Body of bell brushed, nickel silver parts and inner bell flare polished. Brushed brass tuning slide, valve section (if applicable) and nickel silver parts polished. Slide fully polished.


  • Brushed #3A = Bell section same as #3 but slide outer legs are brushed. Inner slide, bow, ferrule, sleeves stay polished.

    Please note that handslides with nickel silver outer legs cannot be brushed, they will always be polished.