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The O'Malley Navajo Spirit Trumpet

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Product Description

The first thing you will notice when you see this beautiful Navajo Spirit Series II trumpet is the unique look. The NS II features altered tuning slide and final bell curve shape. The NS II used the altered curve that was pioneered by the Monnette Company based on computer aided design to offer the ultimate in free air flow. This trumpet feels great in your hand. It blows freely and makes beautiful melodies easy to play. Its sound has been called liquid.

When you insert your mouthpiece in the yellow brass, double wall lead pipe you know you are getting ready to play a great trumpet. When the sound comes out of the German Brass Bell you can feel and hear the difference this great horn can make in your playing. In addition to the altered curves the JS II uses flush mounted valve caps topped with Abalone Shell caps that make the great valve action even smoother. Inside of the bulky and leaky tradition water keys this trumpet uses the Amado style water keys.

Another extra detail of the NS II is the screws at the base of the first and third valve slides that keep the slide from accidentally falling on the floor. The intonation is incredible on this free blowing trumpet. The intonation is made even better with the first valve slide ring and the third valve slide ring. Instead of the little right hand pinky ring there is a big sturdy ring to rest your little finger on or hold you trumpet securely. Responsive, full rich sound, open playing in all registers and beautiful to look at. The OMalley offered Navajo Spirit Series II trumpet is available in lacquer, gold, silver and matt lacquer. What else would you need in a trumpet? Well you want it at a good price and thats the way OMalley is selling this magnificent trumpet.

The OMalley offered Navajo Spirit Series II Trumpet comes in a foam formed case that offers solid protection for the trumpet in all situations. The case can be carried from a single handle, a single strap across the top of carried like a backpack with two straps. All the straps are included with the OMalley offered Navajo Spirit Series II Trumpet. The Series II package is complete with a 7c mouthpiece and polishing cloth.


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