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The O'Malley Bb Rotary Trumpet

SKU: BRvTPMOMO'Malley Musical Instruments
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Product Description

OMRTP200 Bb Rotary valve Trumpet Pro Model

Bb rotary valve trumpet s have long been the standard in Europe.  The last few decades have seen more and more American Orchestra's using rotary trumpets to achieve the authentic tone and sound for many European composers. 

The O'Malley Bb  Rotary trumpet

Rotary Trumpet in Bb i   Excellent quality and play ability,  The tuning is spot on and plays like a trumpet priced 3 times as much.  Get a authentic European orchestral sound with the O'Malley Rotary valve Trumpet.


The rotary trumpet has a smaller bore but larger bell.  The sound is more versatile and expressive. 


Key of Bb

129 mm Bell

11.00 mm bore


Yellow Brass Piston


professional case included