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The O'Malley Bb Double Slide Contrabass Trombone

O'Malley Musical Instruments
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Product Description

When you hold The OMalley Double Slide Contrabass Trombone in you feel like Thor the God of Thunder! This trombone is the most powerful trombone you will ever play. Big powerful low note like you have never played before. Singing melodies in the lower and middle register that you never thought possible on trombone. Big and Rich full tone while maintaining the focused sound of a standard trombone. The OMalley Double Slide Contrabass Trombone is balanced is easy to handle while playing.

The OMalley Double Slide Bb Contrabass Trombone features a monster .560 bore for an open around and free blowing feel for the player. The leadpipe features a durable gold brass material to provide strength and durability. The massive 10 bell is responsive and resonant from the lowest lows to the full upper register. Using the rotary valve The Beast can play low notes like a tuba. The double slide (the slide is standard length wrapped around itself one time) is balanced and easy to operate. The slide is made of nickel to ensure accuracy and durability for years to come. The rotary valve mechanism is solid and works flawlessly and quietly. The Beast comes with a tuba mouthpiece and in a case. The OMalley Double Slide Contrabass Trombone is available in lacquer, silver and nickel. Be the first on your block to own The Beast. Caution! The Beast has been known to frighten animals and small children!

The OMalley Difference

Buy from OMalley Musical Instruments with the utmost of confidence. OMalley Instruments is an American family owned business with a lifetime around music education and music performance. OMalley Instruments is not a huge conglomerate where you will just be one of thousands of horns going out. Every horn is tested for correct adjustment and playability. When you buy from OMalley the instrument arrives and you take it out of the case and plays perfectly.

Every OMalley instrument comes with a 1 year warranty. Parts are available from OMalley for every instrument in our catalog. Value is the key word at OMalley Music Instruments. Our mission is to offer the highest quality instrument at the lowest possible price to make quality musical instruments to available everyone. The owner of OMalley Musical Instruments has been a major supporter of the arts in his hometown for decades. Dont be a number at some foreign company.. Be a name to your friends at OMalley Musical Instruments!