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The O'Malley Contrabass Trombone in F with D/Bb valves

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Product Description


  • Key of F/D/Bb/Ab
  • .590 bore hand slide
  • 10.5 yellow brass bell flare
  • Open wrap independent open flow valve section
  • Large shank mouthpiece receiver
  • Lacquered Brass Finish
  • Comes with case and mouthpiece .561 bore 

contrabass trombone in F with D/Bb valves. This contra is well balanced to hold, has a fantastic sound and great! This is a trombone that every serious bass trombonist should own!

Several symphony orchestras use this horn as many universities. The design is based on the Thein Contrabass Trombone.
The O'Malley Contrabass Trombone is the perfect instrument for the professional doubling musician on a budget.