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The O'Malley 5 Rotary Valve BBb Tuba (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY)

SKU: BBBT5VR-1O'Malley Musical Instruments
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Product Description

Special deal on this tuba.

The best all round Tuba you can purchase for the money.

Five roatary valves gives you the ability to play any type of music. For modern music and playing the BBb bass part in brass bands, 5-valves are really required to cover the full chromatic range down to the fundamental.

You will not need any other horn to play anywhere!

Such an awesome sound.


Bell: 450mm (18)
5 rotary valves, 5th valve tuned to flat tone
Bore: 19.5 mm (0.77)
Height: 904mm (35.6)
Engraved valve caps
Nickel inner and outer slide
Gold brass bell and leadpipe
Valve adjustment screw for silent operation
Lightweight fitted case with large wheels and strong straps " lined with plush red lining
Weight: 10.6 kg