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John Packer Open Wrap Trombone JP332O

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Product Description

JP Open Wrap Trombone JP332O Review by Simon Cowen

Simon Cowen - principal trombone of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
It was very clear from first blowing the JP3320RATH trombone that it had a very clear, vibrant and open sound. An exciting colour of sounds throughout the register and a real and rare treat being so open in the trigger register.

I trialled this trombone in the orchestra in various concerts and recordings from Shostakovich to Brahms and the projection was very easily achievable due to the responsiveness of the instrument. I also played the trombone in the brass band and it was here I realised the versatility of the instrument throughout all registers and dynamics.

The most important value is that the JP3320RATH is not out of place amongst other model trombones within the section, being very easy to blend with.

A very fine model of trombone, perfect for players in whatever field of ensemble. An extremely true and fine blowing trombone suitable for all.

JP Open Wrap Trombone JP332O Feautre Benefits:

Designed by Michael Rath Professional design for ideal resistance, easy
articulation, high quality components and very
high performance capacity
High grade 80:20 brass For enhanced durability and resonance
Large bore (.547) For power and projection in Symphonic works
8 ½ Bell For greater sound projection
open wrap design with counterweight For good balance and resistance
Bell ring For strength and resonance
Ergonomic thumb lever for greater comfort

Accessories: High quality lightweight case with backpack straps, JP mouthpiece

Benefits for Customer:

Easy to balance
Choice of bore sizes
High performance:price ratio
High level specification

JP332 Rath Trombones

Instrument: JP3320 Bb/F Trombone

Performance guide level: Semi pro/pro

Key: Bb/F

Applications and Characteristics:

The JP/Rath trombones have generated a lot of positive comments on forum sites and are now in demand across the globe. They are characterised by a professional standard of workmanship and a very high level of performance. They are often compared with professional models. They are priced to compete in the mid range, but perform to a much higher level and compare favourably against the more expensive Yamaha and Conn trombones. These instruments benefit from exactly the same manufacturing processes to slides and bell as Mick Raths own handmade instruments.

For more information please see the manufactures website!