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Gemeinhardt Roy Seaman ''Storm'' Piccolo

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Product Description

The Gemeinhardt ''Storm'' Piccolo (Roy Seaman Storm piccolo) is crafted from a unique synthetic material, offering the advantages and sound of a professional Roy Seaman wood piccolo with the flexibility to play in changing atmospheric conditions. The Roy Seaman Storm piccolo features silver-plated keys and mechanism, split E mechanism, choice of wave or traditional cork joint custom contoured headjoints, and is supplied in leather case and case covers. A perfect choice for the concert stage or marching field. All Roy Seaman piccolos are made by Gemeinhardt in Elkhart, Indiana.

Gemeinhardt ''Storm'' Piccolo (Roy Seaman Storm Piccolo) contains Silver Plated Keys with Wave Headjoint. The Roy Seaman Storm piccolos are a synthetic material piccolo with remarkably accurate pitch, and a charming, woody timbre that is highly reminiscent of the finest grenadilla wood piccolos. They are beautiful-sounding instruments, and have the additional benefit of not being subject to the cracking that happens when a wooden instrument is exposed to dramatic temparature and humidity changes. Because of their superior performance and their lack of susceptibility to changes in environment, they are very popular with marching bands, especially ones that compete and travel to different areas of the country.This piccolo is perfect for orchestral, concert band, or bands that wish to have a great woody sound, even on the marching field.


  • Brand new design by Gemeinhardt in their "Roy Seaman" professional brand of piccolos
  • New "Wave" headjoint design helps make the piccolo easy to play for everyone
  • Silver plated key mechanism
  • Split E mechanism is included, helps make the high E easy and in-tune (no need to learn new fingerings!) (convertible Split E)
  • Composite material body, space-age material that mirrors the acoustic properties of the finest grenadilla wood
  • Crack-Proof. Impervious to the weather. Withstands cold temperatures, humid weather, hot and dry, anything!
  • Wonderful tone and plays in tune. Sounds like a professional piccolo. So easy to play!
  • Includes leather French-style case, and soft leather case-cover
  • Made in the USA
Headjoint Style Traditional with Lip Plate
Headjoint Finish Sterling Silver
Body Finish Plastic
Key Finish Silver-Plated
Skill Level Student
Case Type Hard-shell Plastic
Case Cover N/A
Cleaning Rod Plastic

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