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Gemeinhardt 33SB in line G Silver Flute C1

O'Malley Musical Instruments
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Product Description

The Gemeinhardt (33SB) Silver Flute is hand assembled and finished by experienced artisans dedicated to creating instruments of incomparable quality and enduring beauty.
All professional models feature a unique Gemeinhardt pointed pad cup design and a heavier crown.
The new C1 Galway Crusader sterling silver and platinum blended alloy head joint is now available with this instrument.


The Gemeinhardt (33SB) Silver Flute Sterling silver C1 Galway Crusader headjoint, sterling silver body and B footjoint, silver plated French (open hole) keys, pointed key arms, under adjusting screws, Pisoni Lucien deluxe professional pads, supplied in leather case and custom leather cover

The Galway Crusader C1 model headjoint kicks off the series with a design Gemeinhardt carefully constructed to Sir James Galways exacting specifications. Through the latest technological advancements, Gemeinhardt is able to replicate the headjoint design for each and every headjoint produced. The inconsistencies of the hand making process are taken out of the equation, and the flutists expectations for high quality sound production are guaranteed in every headpiece.

Although he is as busy as ever on the International Concert Scene, Sir James says that his passion now lies in music education - and that is the legacy he wants to leave behind.

"I consider myself a crusader. I've spent all these years in the battlefield, so to speak, and now I want to teach these kids how to fight. Music gives you an extra colour in your education, when kids are learning music at school, it gives them their own voice. More importantly than that, it teaches them comradeship, the importance of playing together and pulling together to make moments of great intensive beauty."
Sir James Galway


Gemeinhardt (33SB) Silver Flute Specs:

Headjoint Finish Sterling Silver and platinum blended alloy
Headjoint Wall Thickness Optional Standard (0.016") or Thin (0.014")
Headjoint Style Straight
Headjoint Model C1
Body Finish Sterling Silver
Foot Finish Sterling Silver
Key Finish Sterling Silver Plated
Key Style Open-Hole
Key Arm Style Pointed
Inline / Offset Optional Inline or Offset
Foot Joint Options B Foot
Skill Level Advanced /Professional
Case Type Leather on Wood
Case Cover Leather
Cleaning Rod Wood
Flute Plugs Yes
Warranty 5 year


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