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The O'Malley Bb Pro 5 Valve Compensating Tuba

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Product Description

Bb Tuba with Authoritative sound with exciting sub tones “ the O'Mally BBb 5 Valve Piston Compensating Tuba brings the bold symphonic sound you are looking for. The  note slotting is right on the money.  Extra thick brass  and handmade quality , compares favorably to the Miraphone 1100 series.  If you are a student looking for a tuba, this will carry you all the way.  If you are a professional, this will handle anything that is thrown your way.     At less than 1/2 the cost!


4 Piston Valves
1 Rotary Valve
18.75³ Bell


Tuning pipe: Cuprnoickel (outer)
Piston:Stainless steel

Leadpipe: Cupronickel



Cordura Covered Hard Case with wheels included with this magnificent Tuba