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The O'Malley Bb Pro 5 Valve Compensating Tuba

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Product Description

Bb Tuba with Authoritative sound with exciting sub tones " the O'Mally BBb 5 Valve Piston Compensating Tuba brings the bold symphonic sound you are looking for. The note slotting is right on the money. Extra thick brass and handmade quality, compares favorably to the Miraphone 1100 series. If you are a student looking for a tuba, this will carry you all the way. If you are a professional, this will handle anything that is thrown your way. At less than 1/2 the cost!


4 Piston Valves
1 Rotary Valve
18.75 Bell


Tuning pipe: Cuprnoickel (outer)

Piston:Stainless steel

Leadpipe: Cupronickel



Cordura Covered Hard Case with wheels included with this magnificent Tuba