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O'Malley 3/4 Tuba Suwannee Model Bb Tuba

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Product Description

3/4 Bb Tuba "Suwannee" model by O'Malley Musical Instruments

This is a great 3/4 student model 4 valve BBb tuba with a 15 bell and a .629 bore. Giving you great sound and projection.

Excellent intonation and easy blowing for anyone on any level. This is a great horn for the middle school and HS level player to learn 4 valve fingerings

or the professional musician looking for something a little smaller that will fit in the back seat for remote gigs!

The horn has nickel inner and outer tuning slides. Yellow Brass & Nickel Silver Tubing with Monel Piston Block


Compares to Yamaha Ybb-103

380mm (Bell diameter)
16mm (Bore Size)
4(Piston Valves)
Cupronickel Tuning Pipes

Mouthpiece and foam body Case with wheels included