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Powell Sonare Flute B Footjoint PS-601

O'Malley Musical Instruments
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Product Description

Verne Q. Powell flutes have long be known for professional flutes. In 2002, they created a flute revolution by introducing the Sonare brand; combining a professional Powell Solid Silver headjoint with a good intermediate body. Today, the new Powell Sonare flutes have gone even further! Now, not only the headjoint but also the body tubes are made by Powell in the USA. The keywork is made in Asia and the final assembly is performed in the USA. Featuring the new 2nd Generation Signature Series Headjoint, the Powell Sonare 601 Series flutes will impress the most discerning flautists and help provide younger players with true professional performing Solid Silver flute at an intermediate price!

2nd Generation Headjoint
The Powell Sonare 601 Series flutes feature the new 2nd Generation Solid Silver Signature Series headjoint. This new model incorporates the lip plate from the Powell Philharmonic headjoint with the Signature cut. The end result is more power, projection and response.


  • BODY
  • Pitch :A-442
  • Tubing Material :Sterling Silver
  • Tubing Thickness :.016"
  • Tone hole Type :Drawn only
  • Footjoint :B or C Foot available
  • Gizmo :Standard
  • Scale :Modern Powell Scale
  • Tube Material :Sterling Silver
  • Lip Plate Material :Sterling Silver Sterling Silver (Aurumite 9k available)
  • Wall Material :Sterling Silver
  • Crown Material :Sterling Silver
  • Type :Traditional Pinned Mechanism with Adjustment Screws
  • Keywork Material :Nickel Silver, Silver Plated
  • G keys :In-line or Offset
  • Cups :French Cups Only
  • Arms :Y-Arms
  • Split-E :Available
  • Springs :Elgiloy
  • PADS
  • Type :Traditional Felt