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Majestic Quantum Marching Xylophone: X1535P 3.5 octave

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Product Description

Marching Xylophone field xylophones by Majestic utilize a reformulated synthetic bar material. Traditional American-style tuning methods are employed with the utmost accuracy to deliver a bright and musical tone with a powerful force.

  • 3 1/2 Octave Xylophone
  • Synthetic bars
  • Full slant resonators with gold finish
  • Pneumatic cylinder assisted height adjustment
  • 8 pneumatic wheels
  • This marching xylophone is the top choice of drum corps, college bands and championship high school bands all across America
  • The new Majestic Quantum field frame offers modular and flexible mounting options, allowing precise, secure positioning of auxiliary instruments as well as amplification equipment. Quantum series Xylophones feature a newly formulated synthetic bar material for optimal performance in all environments. The bars deliver a traditional American-style tuning, offering the utmost accuracy to deliver a bright and musical tone.
    The Majestic 3.5 Octave Xylophone with Synthetic Bars is in the professional series and plays like a dream. It has a crisp, woody sound and really projects. The keys synthetic so they're sturdy, but still have that bite you're looking for. It also has offset arch resonators with a champagne finish. It's fully height adjustable with a pneumatic cylinder assisted height adjustment that's easy to use. It comes on a Quantum Field Frame with 8" wheels. Bonus: It comes with a cover and mallets!

    • Octave : 3 1/2
    • Range : F4 - C8
    • Full Slant Resonators
    • Pneumatic cylinder assisted height adjustment
    • 8 pneumatic wheels
    • Bar : Synthetic
    • Bar Size : 38 mm
    • Pitch : A = 442 Hz
    • Length: 167 cm
    • Width (low end) : 77 cm (high end) : 77 cm
    • Height : 90 110 cm
    • Weight: 212 Lbs
    • The second photo illustrates all of the options available for this outstanding full framed Majestic Marching Xylophone