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King 3B Gold Bell Trombone

SKU: KT3GBKLSO'Malley Musical Instruments
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Product Description

The King 3B Gold Bell Trombone are known worldwide as one the most historic and highest regarded instruments on the market. The King 3B is one of the most favored professional trombones around with excellent presence, response & tonal color.

King Legend Revitalization
The new King 3B Legend Series of trombones are a tribute back to the vintage King 3B models. King has brought back the removable counterweight and vintage inspired engraving. The counterweight allows a player to easily modify the response characteristics of the King 3B.

A new lightweight pro series case has also replaced the bulky wood-shell cases. Previous King 3B based models were also referred to as the 2103 " which was more of a part number. The new Legend Series models have returned to their original model names and are once again a King 3B.

King 3B Plus Bore
The King 3B by default is a straight .508 bore. The horn is also available as a 3B Plus model which features a slide that has a straight .525 bore through both slide tubes. The bell section is the same. King treats the 3B Plus as a special order item.

Made in the USA
The King 3B has all of its parts made in Eastlake, Ohio with final assembly and finishing performed at the Bach factory in Elkhart, Indiana.

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