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Jupiter Screw Bell French Horn JHR1150D

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Product Description

Our Jupiter JHR1150D French Horn with a removable 11.9" bell, lacquered brass body, rose brass leadpipe, 4 mechanical-link tapered rotary valves, Geyer wrap, .472 bore, and a wood-frame case (KC-66).
This professional level double horn possesses the tonal color and transparency that is expected of a professional instrument. Its volume and resonance are its most astounding attributes, both of which contribute to its playability and enjoyability. Handsome and impeccably constructed, the Jupiter JHR1150D French Horn will be a treasured companion forever.


  • Great volume and projection
  • Excellent playability
  • Superior tone
  • Removable bell

Jupiter JHR1100D French Horn

Technical Specifications

Jupiter Screw Bell French Horn JHR1150D Specs:

  • Double f/bb
  • Lacquered brass body
  • Rose brass leadpipe
  • 3 stainless steel mechanical-link tapered rotary valves plus string wrapped change valve
  • Nickel silver rotor casing
  • Geyer wrap
  • .472" bore
  • 11.9" bell
  • Wood-frame case

Model: Jupiter JHR1150D Chris Castellanos plays Jupiter French Horn

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