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John Packer JP273 Baritone Horn

O'Malley Musical Instruments
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Product Description

JP273 Baritone Horn

Instrument:​JP273 Bb & JP273S Bb Compensating Baritone Horn

Price level: Step up​Performance guide level: Step up/mid range

Key: Bb


• Compensating system​For more accurate tuning
• 9½” bell​Greater sound projection
• 3 Bottom sprung valves (Brass valve guides)​For a smooth and free action
• Rose brass leadpipe​For a full, dark sound
• Bell ring​For strength and resonance
• 3 Water keys​To remove water effectively and avoid blockages
• .547 bore

Accessories: ​High quality lightweight case with backpack straps & JP small shank mouthpiece

Variations:​JP273L – lacquer finish
JP273S – silverplate finish

Brand comparison price (UK):
Brand comparison performance: Yamaha YBH301

Benefits for Customer:

• Freeblowing
• Accurate tuning
• Easy to hold
• High performance:price ratio
• High level specification
• Reliability

Benefits for Dealer:

• Rich in features to aid sale
• Reliable
• Outperforms opposition at similar price point
• Good profit margin

Applications and Characteristics:

This instrument has professional features, but costs less than a mid range instrument. It has uses both as a step up and semi professional model. Popular in training bands, it competes outside its price range against the more expensive Jupiter, Yamaha & Besson baritone horns.

Weight and Dimensions:

8.5kg 79x39x51cms (single)