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John Packer JP144 "Cadence" Eb Baritone Saxophone

O'Malley Musical Instruments
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Product Description

Price level: Lower mid range Performance guide level: Mid range/professional

Key: Eb

Features: Benefits:

  • Low A Access to full baritone range
  • Rose brass bell For increased sonority and depth of tone
  • Adjustable and removable playing spike For increased comfort when sitting
  • Adjustable thumbrest For playing comfort
  • Key rollers For increased speed of movement
  • Steel springs For positive 'feel' and longevity of tension
  • Resonator pads For enhanced projection and tonal depth
  • Italian leather pads More waterproof so more reliable
  • Accurate tuning scale For better performance
  • Fully ribbed construction For strength, durability and resonance
  • Mechanism includes: High F#

Accessories: High quality and very durable moulded case with wheels, mouthpiece, mouthpiece cap, ligature, reed

Variations: Nil

Benefits for Customer:

  • Sophisticated design gives it professional performance capability
  • Professional spec
  • Accurate tuning
  • Positive action mechanism
  • High performance:cost ratio
  • Association with professional players

Applications and Characteristics:

Many baritone saxophones below professional models have mechanisms that are ponderous to play and aren't very satisfying musically as they offer only a basic tone and limited dynamic range. This instrument offers a mechanism that is light and positive and which incorporates a full range of dynamic and tonal possibilities. Consequently it has not only been successful in schools, but also in the hands of very competent semi/professional and professional players. It competes extremely well against more expensive models. It is supplied with a 'student friendly' mouthpiece and responds well to the addition of a professional mouthpiece which will substantially increase its performance capacity..

As played by: Nick Lunt – Jools Holland Rhythm and Blues Orchestra. Seal's horn section – European tour 2009 and 2010.

Weight and Dimensions:

17.5kg 115x30x45cms (single)


"Just to say that I gave the Baritone Sax a good workout this afternoon and can say that it is a fantastic instrument. I also played it to DL and we were both very impressed with the rich tone and overall sound - very near to a Selmer (which would be around £7k!). I was also very pleased with the action and ease of all registers - it purred away on the lowest notes, even using subtone."

David F, Norwich - Professional musician

"Before buying it I tried about a dozen other makes and I must say it felt and sounded head and shoulders above anything in it's price range and was comparable to horns twice it's price. If you're in the market for a baritone sax, try the Cadence!"
Nick Lunt from Jools Holland's Rhythm and Blues Orchestra,

"The Cadence is outstanding in every way. The only difficulty in playing came from trying to blow whilst standing dazed and slack-jawed in disbelief! From the very first note, the instrument performed as well as, if not better than its competitors in the very highest price ranges. Bang in tune, beautiful bright sound and easy mechanism all adds up to an unbeatable package. Expect to see them on every street corner."
Pete Long, session player. Credits include, Jools Holland's Rhythm and Blues Orchestra, Claire Teal, Stereophonics, Dizzy Gillespie and Chick Corea.