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Conn 8DRS Screw Bell French Horn

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Product Description

The Conn 8D has been one of the world's most popular horns for decades. It maintains a design that makes the horn very responsive and free-blowing with excellent tonal balance. The 8DRS features a traditional large throat rose brass bell that gives a darker sound with richer depth. The clear lacquer finish provides a subtle warmth to the overall sound. Well suited for players of all ages and abilities. This model offers a detachable bell making the case more compact. Great for frequent travelers.

Conn "CONNstellation"


Conn 8DRS French Horn Specs:

- Key of F/Bb,

.468" bore,

Kruspe wrap

Bore: .468-inch, Key: F/Bb
Bell: 12.25-inch
Bell Type: Fixed
Bell Throat: Large

nickel silver slide crooks and slide tubes,Conn 8ds

tapered rotors and bearings,

All nickel silver

clear lacquer finish,

Conn7BW mouthpiece, 7

708DS fabric covered bag case. A great example of the beautiful Conn 8d sound below!


Check out this artical on the 8D.