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Buffet Bb Clarinet - Festival Series

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Product Description

Three internationally renowned artists, Jacques Lancelot, Guy Deplus and Michel Arrignon, collaborated to produce the Buffet Bb Clarinet - Festival clarinet in 1987. It meets the needs of today's musicians and teachers who are faced with the daunting task of interpreting a wide repertoire of works from Mozart to Boulez.

The Buffet Bb Clarinet - Festival Clarinet belongs to the R13 poly-cylindrical bore family, giving it a focused, ringing and fluid response across all registers. Additionally, because the body of the clarinet is crafted from a very dense cut of African blackwood, the Festival produces a warm and rich tone.


Festival vs. R13
The Buffet Festival is actually based on the R13 design. In 1987, 2 years after the R13 Prestige model debuted, Buffet designed the Festival with input from 3 professional players: Jacques Lancelot, Guy Deplus and Michel Arrignon. Together, they took the design concepts of the R13 and manufacturing improvements of the Prestige and modified them to form a 5th professional Buffet clarinet (3rd based on the R13 bore). Compared to the R13, the Festival includes the same set of improvements that the R13 Prestige does but with the French register tube for more precise tuning:

  • Unstained, Premium Grenadilla Wood
  • GoreTex Pads
  • Left Hand Eb/Ab Lever
  • Metal Capped Tenons
  • 2 Barrels (65mm & 66mm)
Combined with the French register tube, the Festival clarinet is an unmatched performance value combining the more precise intonation of the RC models with the R13 family bore and the Prestige level of manufacturing!

Features include:

-R13 poly-cylindrical bore design
-Unstained premium African blackwood
-Silver plated keys
-Left hand Eb/Ab key
-Metal-capped tenons
-Two barrels
-Leather covered attache case with combination locks


The Buffet Bb Clarinet - Festival Clarinet Series Specs:

  • Key :Bb, A
  • Tuning :440 Hz / 442 Hz
  • Body :Dalbergia Melanoxylon, Unstained Grenadilla
  • Bore :Poly-cylindrical
  • Tenons :Metal-capped
  • Barrel Bb :2.55" and 2.59"
  • Barrel A :2.55" and 2.52"
  • Keys :18
  • Rings :6
  • Thumb rest :Adjustable
  • Eb/Ab lever :Standard
  • Keywork :Silver
  • Springs :Needle and flat blue springs
  • Pads :100% waterproof material (GT), leather and natural cork
  • Options :
  • BC1139L-2 :Bb clarinet, unstained Grenadilla body
  • BC1139GL-2 :Bb clarinet, Green LinE body
  • BC1239L-2 :A clarinet, unstained Grenadilla body
  • BC1239GL-2 :A clarinet, Green Line body