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Bach Strad Bb Trumpet 190S37

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Product Description

This resonance of the Bach Strad Bb Trumpet 190S37, combined with improved flexibility, allows the player to play with a greater presence without working harder. Characteristic of the traditional Stradivarius trumpet, the 19037 series can perform in any situation from classical to jazz. The 19037 Stradivarius Series Bb trumpet includes a Bach 3C mouthpiece and anniversary woodshell case and is available in lacquer or silver finish.

A legend revisited.

Bach 180 Series vs. 190 Series
The Bach 190S 50th Anniversary trumpets are built on the new 190 Stradivarius platform. At its core, the 190 platform simply refers to the horns valve casings.

  • Bach 180 Series: Standard 1 Piece Valve Casings made from brass
  • Bach 190 Series: 2 Piece Valve Casings with Nickel-Silver or Bronze Upper Balusters

Bach Strad Bb Trumpet 190S37 Specs:

Stradivarius Bb Trumpet (.459" ML bore)

"Stradivarius" - New 50th Anniversary Bb trumpet,

.459" ML bore,

4-13/16" diameter one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass #37 bell with side seam,

#25 mouthpipe,

brass inner and nickel silver outer slide tubes,

two piece nickel/brass valve casings,

Monel pistons,

1st slide thumb saddle, brass and plastic valve guides,

deluxe engraving,

silver-plate finish,

and new C180A anniversary woodshell case.

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