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John Packer JP043 Bb Soprano Saxophone

SKU: JP043O'Malley Musical Instruments
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Product Description

Price level: Budget Performance guide level: Step-up/professional

Key: Bb

Features: Benefits:

  • Curved and straight crook on JP043 Choice of comfortable playing positions
  • Underslung 8ve mechanism For reliabilty
  • Floating plate design for little finger (LH) cluster Aids fast movement
  • 'Abalone' pearls To enhance appearance
  • Blue steel springs Rust resistant with better tension memory
  • Italian leather pads More waterproof so more reliable
  • Resonator pads For enhanced projection and tonal depth
  • Adjustable thumb rest Increases playing comfort
  • Adjustable back stops For easier adjustment and faster servicing
  • G#/Bb & F/F# independent adjustment Adds strength, rigidity and reliability
  • Mechanism includes: Front F, High F#, High G

Accessories: High quality lightweight case with backpack/shoulder straps, mouthpiece, cap, ligature, reed

Variations: JP043G – straight body - Gold Lacquer

JP043S – straight body - Silverplate

JP043R – straight body - Rose brass body

JP043B – straight body - Black nickel plate body, gold lacquer keywork

JP043BS – straight body - Black nickel plate body, silverplated keywork

JP043V – straight body - Vintage

JP043A – straight body - Antique

Benefits for Customer:

  • Choice of crooks (on 043 straight models)
  • Association with professional players
  • Inexpensive
  • Accurate tuning
  • Professional spec
  • High performance:cost ratio
  • Choice of finish to suit all requirements

    Applications and Characteristics:

    This instrument has found a place both as a student model and also in professional environments. Many professional players are using these every day in live and studio performances. It is supplied with a 'student friendly' mouthpiece and responds well to the addition of a professional mouthpiece which will substantially increase its performance capacity.

    As played by: Tony Coe – recording artist, session player

    Weight and Dimensions: 4.5kg 65x19x24cms (single) 10.5kg 67x40x26cms (multiple)


    Review By David J Fantom

    Dear Sirs, I recently purchased the above Soprano Sax from you and am so impressed with it I felt I just had to contact you.

    I already play tenor and alto saxes in a local swing band and also a saxophone quintet. In order to dep. for our Soprano player when he's absent, I'd been playing with the idea of getting a Soprano of my own but since it wasn't going to be my main instrument, I was reluctant to spend a fortune on getting one.

    A friend pointed out your website to me and although I would normally be reluctant to buy before I tried an instrument, I decided to take a chance and place an order. Upon receipt I was impressed by the build quality and general feel of the instrument as well as the attractive and practical case. I have to say though that the mouthpiece supplied with it is only just adequate and initially I wasn't too taken with the sound. However, once I replaced it with a Yamaha mouthpiece and a Van Doren reed, it sounded superb and this is the only thing I would say by way of criticism. I played it today at a gig and my fellow players were as impressed with it as I am. This Soprano represents incredible value for money particularly when compared to the entry level sops made by Yamaha and the like. I am hardly of the same stature as John Whelan, who has provided a glowing account of this model on your website, but I am more than happy to add my testimonial to his in order to recommend this instrument to others. Thanks for your prompt service - keep up the good work. I shall certainly recommend you to others. Regards, David J. Fantom.

    The 043 was recently played by Carl Brunsdon in a 3 month US tour by tribute band 'the Australian Pink Floyd'.

    Please note that the mouthpiece with which this instrument is supplied is appropriate for inexperienced players. As is customary, more experienced players would use a more sophisticated mouthpiece of their choice.

    Review By John Franchi

    Just to corroborate Pete Long's, Jamie Talbots's and John Whelan's comments regarding your sax range.

    For a start both the tenor and sop I ordered came within four days. Both of them have a clear, full and even sound with wonderful intonation, and even the mouthpieces that came with them are perfectly acceptable for students. Before I opened the cases I just thought of emailing you to say that, despite having a sling, smashing carry case, shoulder straps and mouthpiece and ligature you slipped up by not including a reed - but - silly me, a reed was on the mouthpiece and an extra in the case!

    I am using these instruments solely now and everyone is most impressed. I wish I could have had them in the ultra busy days of the 60's to 80's when I was blowing myself out every night with the Eric Winstone band and touring and recording with Sammy Davis, Sarah Vaughn et al. The demanding work of the Sondheim musicals would also have been much easier with the ease of playing that these surprising horns have.

    All the best

    John Franchi The 043 was used by John in the recording of the Royal Variety performance 2007!

    Review By John Whelan

    I received the new Soprano a few days ago.....I can't believe how good it is, not only to play but the quality of workmanship and the standard to which it is built is incredible!. We always expect to struggle with intonation a little with the best of Sops, but you just blow this and everything is there. It is without doubt the best Sop I have ever blown. I will be recommending it to all of my colleagues in the profession. I wish these instruments were around years ago. Many thanks for your speedy and efficient service.

    Regards John Whelan (ex Jack Parnell, Ted Heath, Bob Sharples bands.)